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Pre-insulated Tubing Bundle
Pre-insulated tubing bundle is comprised of one or more tube that are packaged in a weatherproofed, insulated jacket to provide freeze protection or temperature maintenance. These bundles utilize steam or electric tracing, and depending on the tracer used, can be cut to length in the field. Pre-insulated Tubing bundles are cost effective, reliable and offer consistent, quality performance for any application.
Three Type of Tubing Bundles
TYPE S Single tubing Steam supply, Conensate return, Water purge, Chemical feed, Air Lines
TYPE ST Steam Traced Analyzer Sample lines, Instrument impulse lines
TYPE ET Electric Traced (pressur transmitters, Level transmitters, Flow transmitters) Process lines
Our tubing solution solves the problem associated with freezing, dew point, viscosity and personnel protection application on industrial lines.
Feature Benefits
Tube Provid proper material and size tubes for Process condition and design.
FR-PVC Outer Jacket FR-PVC Outer jacket suarantees long-term product life not only under severe process condition but also outer temperature condition. And it prevent from moisture and water infiltration into insulation and tubes.
insulation construction
Reduce heat loss : high density glassfiber insulation. Increase performance of heat traced system : protect from water infiltration, Non-wicking insulation
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